I'm DJ FRED aka RED F. I'm now a TV DIRECTOR for the channel DIRECT8,
on the French Digital Terrestrial TV Network, and a - HOUSE & TRANCE DJ - for myself and an R'n'B - HIP HOP- POP - ROCK - SALSA' DJ for your parties ( check the pictures here)

1974 - 2003 :
For those who discover me, I am DJ RED F, I mix the night of techno on FUN RADIO every Saturday from midnight to 4:00 AM (Paris) / 22h00 GMT to 2h00 GMT, and for those who receive the french cable, i’m the director of the VJ MIX show as DJ FRED on FUN TV.

I was born in Paris on the 16th of january 1974, my mum is thai and my father is mixed french and thai.

My passion for mixing started in England when i first discovered CLUBS during my summer class trip (I didn't know how to speak english by the time...):

1987, I am 13 years old and Madonna realeases 2 smashhits: ‘ Who’s that girl ‘ and ‘ La Isla Bonita’. I also discover dance music with MEL & KIM and there hit single‘ respectable

I fall in love with nightclubs.

Back to France, i spent my time listening to my radio and thinking about all the hits i've heard during my holidays.

1989, second trip to England:

I am 15 and we can hear 2 songs in loop: S-expresstheme from s-express’ and Hithouse ‘jack to the sound of the underground’. It is HOUSE MUSIC’s explosion, a music you can create in your own house.

1992, third trip to England:

I ‘m 18, and a new style has appeared: RAVE MUSIC, with the socalled band THE PRODIGY ( ‘out of space ’, ‘ charly ’). We discover another new dance band : 2 UNLIMITED with ‘get ready for this’.

1993: 4th trip to England:

I just graduated from high school and i go to brighton, the hometown of Fatboy slim (i didn’t know it then…)I spend one day in London and i buy some amazing underground tapes: it’s accelerated breakbeat grown to 140 BPM.

The rhythm comes from rave music, and it sounds like you're playing a 33T record at the speed of 45T. One year later i understood it was jungle music when i bought ‘jungle vibes’ mixed by DJ GILB’R.

1994: I start university (maths, physics), and i celebrate my best friend’s birthday : for the first time i fullfill a dance floor. Then we are invited everywhere and i learn how to mix.

I discover the BPM's law : 2 records can be mixed if they have the same tempo!!!

I buy cd players with pitch control.

1996: I master the pitch control.

At that time i discover HYSTERIC EGO ‘want love’ at the Ministry of Sound in London.

I also bought the Ministry compilation DANCE NATION mixed by PETE TONG: a revelation to me !

I start buying vinyl records : ULTRA FLAVA by Heller & Farley is one of my 5 first records.

Le Palace and l’Acropole are then my favorite clubs in Paris.

1998: I look for a sound engineering school, and I discover Le Studio Ecole de France in Boulogne Billancourt.
I was admitted 2 days later…

>>> Here begins my career.

January 1999:

The school headmaster send me to FUN TV. Dario and Seb were presenting the morning show. Bob and Gwen were presenting ‘FUN NEWS’ at noon. I’m then in charge of the musical videos : I love that !!!

The musical manager is Pierre who's also in charge of FUN RADIO.

>>> They sign me up in June!!!

Jean-Marie, the production manager, notice that i can match Videos in Tempo: he warns Pierre and Jerome, the Boss then and the jingle ‘mixed in tempo by DJ FRED‘ is created.

I get the ‘FUN DANCE ‘show: Eiffel 65 ’blue’, Salome De Bahia ‘outro lugar’, Armand Van Helden ‘u don’t know me’, Phats & Small ‘ turn around’, David Morales ‘needin u’ are the smashhits.

Year 2K :

The HITDANCE chart is created. I mix it live Friday evening, and it’s rebroadcasted on Saturday and Sunday. I open Dance Machine 2000 in BERCY (A huge arena) with Jérôme.

June 21st, 2001:

It is music celebration day, the boss asks me to be filmed while mixing videos: everyone is amazed by the result: VJ MIX, the only show that mixes videos in tempo and where you can see the dj mixing, was born.

>>> The first show starts in september 2001.

January 2002:

VJ MIX is played live simultanously in 8 night clubs in France.

October 2002:

VJ MIX is broadcasted live at the ZENITH for the HALLOWEEN PARTY. In the show i received DJ Didier Sinclair, DJ RLP, DJ MAZE.

February 2003 :

Pete Tong is no longer broadcasted in France. I decide to send a demo to FUN RADIO for a TRANCE and TECHNO mix.
Pierre calls me back and agrees for my mix.
>>> I integrate the NIGHT of TECHNO hosted by MORGAN , with DJ MAX and DJ FLEX